For clearer communication

Together with languages classes, it's with translation services that Traversões, Lda came into existence.
We started off in the field of Medicine, where translation market supply appeared to be lacking. Since then, we have been working with countless companies and agencies in the fields of Law, Economics, Technologies, IT, Social Sciences, and many others.

Our translators are qualified and experienced professionals from a wide variety of nationalities.

The certification of official translations is an additional service we provide our clients.

We have been external translators for the European Commission since 2001.

Our services

Scientific Translations:

  • Articles for publishing or for conferences
  • Dissemination works
  • Scientific/Medical reports

TraversõesOfficial and Certified Translations:

  • Contracts and articles of association
  • Certificates and registers
  • Notarized documents
  • Procedural documents

Corporate Translations

  • Quality control manuals
  • Leaflets and catalogues
  • Internal publications
  • Presentations in Powerpoint
  • Websites

Technical Translations

  • Instruction manuals
  • Product descriptions
  • Software

Your documents are the reflection of your company.


To make talking easier

Interpreting is the latest project of Traversões, Lda, as it relies on the specific qualification and experience of managing agents themselves (freelance interpreters from European Institutions).
Certainly an asset when putting together a team of interpreters.
Since the technique of interpreting is complex, collaboration with professional and experienced interpreters is essential.
In this very specific field of communication, it is vital to work with interpreters who have complete mastery of the languages involved and who always work for their mother tongue.

Our services:

Simultaneous interpreting
A team of two interpreters per working language, set up in appropriate booths, "interpret" in real time, uninterrupted, at the same time as the speaker.

It's the ideal solution for extended meetings or for fully-booked schedules, for congresses and conferences.
This calls for the setup of (fixed or moveable) booths and a sound system.

Additional service: If required, we also translate the presentations and any other documentation from the conference, at special prices.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter remains close to the speaker, who is interrupted after concluding an idea or a set of ideas to allow for the corresponding translation to be conveyed.
Ideal for short meetings and a light program, since time is doubled because the interpretation follows the presentation.

Escort interpreting
Interpreters providing two-way communication (foreign language and Portuguese) in negotiations, visits to facilities, small work meetings or receptions.

Language classes

For professional mastery of languages

Course in English, French, Spanish and other languages upon request, in the regions of Coimbra and Lisbon.

We target adults wanting to learn or deepen their knowledge of a foreign language, with the possibility of evening classes.
Our teachers are carefully selected, based on their specific training and experience in the teaching of adults.

Our services:

Personalized individual classes: individual classes that can start at any time of the year and are ideal for in-depth learning of the language, as such classes are structured for just one individual.

Personalized classes in small groups (2-3 people): these enable a a group of colleagues or friends to learn together, thereby considerably lowering costs compared to individual classes. These classes can also start any time of the year, while favoring certain fields of expertise.

Courses for companies and institutions: to be held at the company's facilities and organized to meet specific requirements.

We prepare specific programs according to required needs and goals, such as:

  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Corporate communication
  • Phone conversation
  • Mails

Your Company's Image depends on its Ability to Communicate

Linguistic support

You wrote an article in Portuguese, or English, or ... but you want to be sure there are no mistakes, errors or sentences that don't appear to be correct?

At Traversões, we perform a linguistic revision of technical and scientific articles and publications, presentation for congresses, or any other type of documents, whether written in Portuguese or in a foreign language.

Are you thinking of creating a site, but don't know exactly how to deal with all the information at your disposal, or do you already have the raw content but it needs to be worked on and/or revised? Would you like your website in another language?

The creation and translation of (personal or corporate) website contents is the latest service provided by Traversões.
At times, contents are the most neglected aspect of websites, as they are rarely written or revised by people with linguistic training and even more rarely translated by professional translators. And so, at times, while we may notice that websites are extremely sophisticated from the standpoint of appearance, the message they convey is lacking.

At Traversões, we help you design and develop the content of your website, by providing the following services:

  • creation and organization of contents
  • linguistic revision of contents already prepared
  • translation of contents

Leave the creation and translation of your website to language professionals!

Remember: Your website is your business card!

Organizing conferences

From late 2004, Traversões, Lda undertook work in a new market sector, by organizing Congresses, Conferences and Professional Meetings.
Aware that the success of any meeting depends on the proper organization, we rely on the support of qualified professionals in the fields of sound equipment installation, the provision of catering services and secretarial support while the meeting is in progress.

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